Types of Organisations Dissertation

Types of Organisations

Edexcel HNC Diploma L4

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Assignment you

Assessment criteria to become assessed: - LO1 -1. 1 Recognize the uses of different types of organisation1. 2 Describe the magnitude to which an organisation meets the goals of different stakeholders. 1 . a few Explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies used to meet these people.

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Unit 3 – Organisations and Behaviour

Assignment you

1 . Seeks

This project will allow students to demonstrate understanding of the organisational uses of organization through the application of theory for the case study listed below.


The objectives and responsibilities of a great organisation are both affected by its legal structure and stakeholders. The approaches employed by the organisation to satisfy these targets will also be afflicted with external factors. You will be comparing and contrasting information about the changing needs of Royal Postal mail stakeholders in the light of forthcoming privatisation.

2 . College student Tasks

Produce a record investigating the impact of the recommended privatisation with the Royal Mail upon it is purposes and responsibilities.

* List the various purposes of public, private sector business and organisations with different kinds of legal control. Identify these purposes in the Royal Email. Briefly identify the major differences arising from the purposes layed out for other types of business. Especially consider income, market share, quality of service, ROCE, honest issues, client satisfaction. 1 . one particular

5. Illustrate the differing stakeholders that may include any affinity for any organization and emphasize those at the moment involved with the Royal Snail mail. Describe how their particular desire for the Royal Mail, we. e. what they wish from that company and then describe how the Royal Mail is usually meeting all those needs. 1 . 2

* Make clear stakeholder issue, legal obligations and honest issues with mention of the the current position of the Royal Mail. Identify how privatisation of the Hoheitsvoll Mail is going to impact on these types of? 1 . three or more

Where appropriate use advocates to support your job.

Suggested term content (750 words).

Job 1

3. Aims

This kind of assignment will certainly enable college students to demonstrate knowledge of the efficiency purposes of business through the application of theory to the case study below.


The goals and required an enterprise are both troubled by its legal structure and stakeholders. The strategies employed by the enterprise to meet these kinds of objectives is likewise affected by external factors. You'll be comparing and contrasting advice about the changing needs of Royal Mail stakeholders in the mild of forthcoming privatisation.

some. Student Tasks

Make a report checking out the impact of the proposed privatisation of the Royal Mail after its purposes and duties.

* List the different uses of general public, private sector business and organisations based on a forms of legal ownership. Discover those purposes of the Noble Mail. Quickly describe difficulties differences as a result of the reasons outlined intended for other types of organization. Particularly consider profit, business, quality of service, ROZAMIENTO, ethical issues, customer satisfaction. 1 ) 1

* Illustrate the varying stakeholders that may have any kind of interest in any business and highlight all those currently associated with the Hoheitsvoll Mail. Explain how their unique interest in the Royal Mail, i. electronic. what they want from that...