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" Formosa” ― a beautiful tropical isle named by simply its Portuguese founders, this is certainly Taiwan, the country where I came from. Taiwan has a extended rich traditions and fine art history as a Dutch and Japanese colony and also provides Native Taiwanese. It caused me to have diverse social and art background and decide to become a custom made. To me, art is like a bridge. This communicates with people, no matter their particular gender, race, or age group. People study and inspire by it. To help me personally achieve this target, I participate in several arts-related activities. We took fine art classes when I was small, also mother and father and I usually visited skill museums about weekends. At the center school, I actually led a team in a lantern competition during the Chinese Lunar Celestial body overhead Festival. We designed a rooster lantern and led they members to generate the body and beautify this lantern. In the end, all of us won a creativity award. It was a nice experience! After I graduated contact form middle college, I came to American to go to high school. Inside the high school, We joined the photography membership and skill and design and style club. We also got art category and respects interior design for 2 years. In my junior yr, I represented my college in a Technology Students Relationship competition. I participated inside the interior design competition, in which we had to design a locker area for a soccer team which has a limited budget and space. We as well had to select main colors and a mascot inside the design. Though I did not win this competition, I had a great experience engaged in that project. When people initial hear about home design, they may believe how to make a gorgeous room or how to decorate a special store to attract buyers. For me, interior planning is not only such as, but also a good way to help people and deliver advantages for the society. For instance, as a nation develops, a whole lot of trouble is coming. For instance, the towns have significantly less lands can use. At this time, the inside designers learn how to use virtually any single space perfectly. As well, the...