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OPS 571 Last Exam

1 ) Which of the following is regarded as a major procedure flow framework? 

Lead Period


Low fat Manufacturing


2 . INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG audits cause certifications which can be done by initially, second, or third parties. Which usually of the subsequent result in the greatest certification of the firm? 

Certification can be sought by simply any firm assuming they will pay twelve-monthly dues.

2nd Get together – where a customer audits its distributor

3rd Party – where a skilled national or perhaps international standards/certifying agency serves as an auditor

1st Get together – in which a firm audits itself against ISO criteria

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3. Which of the following is usually ISO 14000 primarily worried about? 

Quality management

Time administration

Continuous improvement management

Environmental management

four. Which is one correct value stream principle?

Look for efficiencies in the stock, office, physical, procedural, and technical functions.

Eliminate waste that prevents, slows down, or diverts the significance stream. Give full attention to speeding up value-adding operations instead of removing squander.

Keeps the value stream moving at lowest velocity.

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5. Precisely what is the starting place in developing a capacity cover a healthcare operation?

Deciding the powerful capacity as time passes

Estimating design capacity

Forecasting patient demand for a reasonable length of time

Discovery from the bottleneck procedure

6. Which in turn of the next is considered an organizational blueprint, which prescribes the quantity and time frame pertaining to when every end product will probably be assembled?

MRP (Material Requirements Plan)

ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (Enterprise Reference Planning)

MPS (Master Creation Schedule)

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

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7. Which with the following is usually an element that addresses elimination of waste under slim production?

Kanban production control system

Creation ahead of demand

Minimized run times

Group plant packing technology

almost 8. In most cases, demand for products or services could be broken into several pieces. Which from the following is known as a component of demand? 

Level elements

Long term elements

Previous elements

Cyclical elements

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on the lookout for. Design for manufacturing and assembly gives product improvements by focusing which in the following:

Lowering product quality during the assembly process

Designing products for them to be manufactured by a virtual factory Minimizing equipment from the manufacturing process

Copie of the merchandise by minimizing the number of individual parts

10. Which from the following is one of the principles of reengineering? 

Quality at the source

Do not select suppliers on such basis as price alone.

Have individuals who use the output of a method perform the procedure. Leverage large employees with lower cost workers.

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14. Which in the following is actually a characteristic that can be used to guide the appearance of service systems?

Services are similar.

Services businesses are innately entrepreneurial.

Top quality work means quality services.

Services may not be inventoried.

12. Considering Hau Lee's uncertainty framework to get classifying supply chains, which will of the following is given to a supply cycle which has an evolving source process based upon functional products?

Risk hedging

Forward searching



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13. There are many applying poka-yokes in service organizations. Which usually of the following is one of the three-T's used to sort poka-yokes? 







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