Nu Skin Intercontinental Case Study

 Nu Skin International Case Study Essay

Case Study 4 Nu Skin International


Founded as Nu Skin Worldwide back in 1984, Nu Pores and skin Enterprises can be described as global immediate selling firm that is mainly engaged in the expansion and syndication of personal care and health products. Heading international throughout the 1990s and currently growing globally, NSE had 2005 revenue of $1, a hundred and forty, 000, 000 from its businesses worldwide. The organization has 3 divisions: Pharmanex (maker of natural nutraceutical products), Nu Skin (markets personal care products) and Big Planet (marketing technology services). The company is definitely headquartered in Provo, UT. Strategic Marketing

The objective of Nu Skin International is to get people who want to become internet marketers, by selling items and enrolling new vendors. They accumulate commission salary and bonus, and have the chance to build their own sales network. The focus of the market section is to offer to the community through independent distributors. This really is accomplished with the United States, yet internationally as well. The Issue

The question in the case of Just nu Skin is actually it is a multi level marketing business, or not. The objective of multilevel marketing is usually to sell the merchandise to the customer, through service suppliers. According to the case, Nu Skin International selling pyramid is being questioned whether or not its primary objective is to sell to customers or perhaps recruit more distributors. The distributors have to meet particular requirements when they start out, just like paying a fee and purchasing a kit. In order for the marketers to become successful, they must continue selling and recruiting, which often means meeting a subspecies. Team M will verify the issues brought up by providing evidence of Nu Skin's current market evaluation. A SWOT analysis to be used to format specific talents, weaknesses, possibilities and hazards and from that point we uses information investigated to address the company's position on the market as a great MLM business and relate the knowledge located back in the issues offered. We will then conclude with our findings concerning Nu Skin's position in the market. Situation Evaluation


Product lineNu Skin

Image inside the MarketSkin attention company

Technology and experienceThrough partnerships with all the Stanford University or college School of drugs and the Nu Skin Specialist Advisory Table В— pioneers in the areas of dermatology, ethno-botany, and nutritional and cosmetic savoir we develop products that benefit from some of the most advanced ingredient technologies currently available. (

CultureHigh priced, intercontinental selling product

Desired goals

Always develop innovative products that support the and longevity of skin area and locks. ( CollaboratorsCustomers

В•Independent vendors

В•Outside manufacturesВ•Market size and growth

В•Market segments

В•Motivation behind offering and purchasing

В•Consumer information resources


В•Amway (Quickstar)



В•CliniqueВ•Technological environment

В•Economic environment

SWOT Analysis

Strong points


В•Diverse product range

В•Improved operating durability

В•Stock Overhang no longer a great issueВ•Reliance on Asian markets В•Lack of synergetic effects between product units

В•Weak North America benefits


В•Geographic expansion

В•Continued growth inside key markets

В•Growth of weight management marketВ•Presence in risky country market segments В•Interest charge risks

Negative revenue developments in Asia


Different product range:

Nu Skin's 3 main business units offer a various range of products and services. The diversity with the range offers the company prevention of the underperformance of any one-product part, giving the corporation stability that less varied groups simply cannot match. Better operating durability:

In the third quarter of fiscal 2003, the company's last reported pair of financials, Just nu Skin reported EPS up 19%...

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