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Jollibee Case Study Marketing

Tony Bronze Caktiong fantastic brothers put up a two-branch ice cream parlour in Manila's commercial schisme of Cubao and Quiapo during 1975. It got expanded because they include warm sandwiches, hamburgers, and other foods. Their organization was successful though it eventually outsold the ice cream product. In January twenty eight, 1978, Tom Tan and his brothers formed the Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC). Because they made a fast-food wall socket, they chose to develop an own brand including a mascot, a menu that would appearance appealing to the Filipino palate and they brought the guarantee of " Langhap Sarap” or aromas good therefore it must be good. Jollibee is a largest fast-food chain in the Philippines plus they maintained to deal with its dominating position. It absolutely was also called to be the " Full of the Hamburger Market”. They have 25 intercontinental stores far away and attained system-wide price tag sales as high as P19. 8B (US$390M). It ranks of the 100 Philippine corporations in 1981 and able to be competitive head-on together with the global players (e. g. McDonald's, Burger King, and Carl's Jr. ). During 1989, Jollibee became the initially Filipino take out chain that broke the 1B peso sales indicate. They get a portfolio of other pret a manger concept (Greenwich Pizza and Chowking) and brought within the Thailand a foreign manufacturer (Delifrance bakery products). They will gained achievement in offshore operations plus they continue to expand more. Additionally they continued to deliver same-store product sales growth in year 2150. Jollibee was featured in a number of magazines just like Forbes, Far Eastern Economic Assessment and Hard anodized cookware Business. They ranked Jollibee to be between top Hard anodized cookware companies. In Euromoney, they will was named the Number One Food Company in Asia and Best Maintained Company in the Philippines by simply Asiamoney. The company's success is attributable to their constant drive to provide quality, consistently reinventing the menu and producing each check out a memorable a single for good friends, Filipino families, and family and friends. They provide high quality food, giving a fast and comfy service, and friendly deck hands. They have realized the importance of catering neighborhood taste inclination. Filipino households especially OFWs abroad will be their key customers since they truly feel a sense of community, a symbol of togetherness, and good times when consuming at Jollibee. Challenges an incident:

•Can Jollibee exert almost all of their work not only throughout the Israel but as well outside the nation? •Can they compete with their very own global competition?

•How is going to they advertise and promote the Jollibee's taste of hometown food overseas? •Will it be appealing to the other people or only for the Filipinos? •Can they produce a product that has both Filipino and Worldwide preference? •Can they even now get large sales with no reaching areas with a huge Filipino population? IFE Matrix

StrengthsWeightRatingFirm's Score

No . 1 leading and largest take out chain in the Philippines 0. 06


0. 24

King of Burger0. 0430. 12

Better in QSR (quick-service restaurant)0. 0540. 20

Caters to the mass0. 0640. 24

Finest manage business in Asia (by Euromoney)

0. 06


zero. 24

Solid market0. 0540. 20

Enthusiastic understanding of Philippine taste0. 0540. 20

Frequently reaches of quota sales0. 0540. twenty

Regular merchandise development0. 0330. 09

Competitive0. 0640. twenty four

Variety of foods0. 0630. 18

Horizontal integration (buying of competitors -- e. g. Mang Inasal) 0. 05


0. 20

Monetary Capability0. 0640. 24

WeaknessWeightRatingFirm's Score

Inconsistent quality of service (employees, facilities, and so forth ) zero. 05

a couple of

0. 10

Unstandardized quality of foods0. 0610. summer

Availability of certain foods are seasonal0. 0320. summer

Lack of research and development for global expansion

zero. 04


0. apr

False marketing0. 0510. 05

Market segmentation0. 0420. '08

Poor sanitation0. 0510. 05

13. 03

EFE Matrix

OpportunitiesWeightRatingFirm's Report

Better in providing total customer satisfaction

0. 04

a few

0. 12