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Chem 110- Fall 2012

Review Concerns –Chapters 15

1 . What mass of NaOH is required to make 100. 0 mL of NaOH(aq) that has a pH sama dengan 13. sixty two?

2 . What is the [OH-] in 0. 025 Meters HCl?

3. What is the pH of 0. 40 M Sr(OH)2?

4. The pH of the aqueous answer is 10. 32. The [OH-] is ……………………

your five. The [H+] in zero. 050 M Mg(OH)2 at 25oC is usually ……………………….

6. The pH of zero. 20 Meters HNO3 is usually …………………….

7. A solution is usually prepared by adding 200. mL of 0. 125 M of HCl to a 500. 0mL volumetric

flask and completing it towards the mark with water. The pH with this solution is ……….

8. Consider the equilibrium for an indicator:

Hind(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌ H3O+ & Ind-(aq)


What is the result of adding NaOH to a light blue sample of this indication?

Equilibrium ShiftColour Change

A. leftless blue

B. leftmore blue

C. rightless green

D. rightmore blue

on the lookout for. A basic stream solution may be prepared by mixing equal numbers of moles of

A. NH4Cl and HClB. NaCl and NaOH


10. Which in turn of the pursuing would be used to prepare a great acidic barrier solution?

A. HF and H3O+B. NaHS and H2S

C. NH3 and NH4ClD. HCl and NaCl

11. A solution of AgNO3 is gradually added to a combination containing 0. 10 Meters I-, Cl-, Br-, and IO3-.             The precipitate, which will forms 1st, is( Touch: Compare the Ksp values) A. AgIB. AgClC. AgBrD. AgIO3

12. The [OH- ] is measured to be several. 3 by 10-3 mol/L in a 75 mL sample of saturated solution of Al(OH)3. The  solubility of Al(OH)3 is A. 1 . one particular x 10-4 mol/LB. several. 3 back button 10-4 mol/L

C. 1 ) 1 by 10-3 mol/LD. 3. a few x 10-3 mol/L

13. A simple solution of. 12-15 M cyanic acid (HOCN) a poor acid has pH installment payments on your 14 by 250C. Precisely what is the acid ionization constant Ka for this acidity at 250C. What is the level of ionization with this acid from this solution? 16. Benzoic acidity, HC7H5O2 is known as a weak acid solution having Ka= 6. a few X 10-5 at 250C. Determine the equilibrium...