Essay about Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory

Florence Nightingale's Environmental Theory

The theoretic approach in providing care for an defendent with Human being Immunodeficiency Malware is seen through the lens of Florence Nightingale's Environmental Theory. Nightingale's theory consists of an environment that allows persons to recover from condition by taking into consideration sanitation conditions of factors including fresh air, real water, useful drainage, cleanliness, and light (Berman & Snyder, 2011). Through the idea of Nightingale's theory, the storyline of an defendent who is terminally ill is usually cared for by simply environmental control and alterations that may be were able to improve detrimental to good health conditions in the correctional facility. Concept of individual

In relation to Florence Nightingale's Environmental Theory, the inmate's perspective of nursing jobs care provides direct affect on biological, psychological, sociable, and religious components through which he subjected to (Selanders, 2010). Biological

Neurological factors be involved in the inmate immune response. Monitoring medicine administration and compliance could help avoid dosing errors and patient noncompliance. As a result, making sure the proper managing may present positive neurological feedback in the body when ever administering accurate treatment. By providing education for the inmate in natural human body changes, the inmate may recognize features of his body that seem strange. Furthermore, this increased understanding could inspire him to seek treatment quicker because of just how he perceives the changes of his physique. Psychological

The healing participation of support groups might inspire internal stability keeping the mind knowledgeable and energetic while avoiding misinterpretations and false hopes. Alternative solutions such as mediation may be another great source to help in psychological stability. Social

Providing condoms and clean syringes to sexually energetic persons is usually an essential component to HIV prevention interventions outside prisons, nevertheless most US prisons and jails especially prohibit the distribution and control of these materials...