English one particular Rutendo Masasi Group L28 March 2014

Thursday 12: 20 Camera du Plessis

These two stanzas are an intro therefore they could be considered as a preparation to get the reader, that they prepare you for what should be to come. This kind of preparation is carried out through the effects of tone, ambiance, setting and through the use of an elaborate stanza scheme. The first aspect, sculpt, is defined as a modulation from the voice articulating a particular feeling or disposition (Oxford Dictionary). Even though this is written function, one can imagine what the sculpt is if it had been being voiced. The constant repeating of the winter weather hints that the cold is an important symbol. Winter season is linked to barrenness; this destroys leaves and anything that is not really strong enough to survive. Winter is definitely not connected with happiness whatever good; most bad stories start with " It was a chilly night... ”. Hence, the tone of this poem is definitely ominous and the effect is that it alerts the reader that what is to come is not ‘all sunshine and happiness'. Atmosphere is connected to the tone while Abrahams describes it since; " is definitely the emotional sculpt pervading a piece or the entire of a literary work, which usually fosters in the reader's targets as to the course of events, if happy, horrifying or disastrous” (Abrams 14). According for this definition, the effect of the atmosphere is that since the reader provides, is several sense, been warned of what is to find the develop of the composition, the reader now expects ominous occurrences throughout the rest of the browsing. Therefore a great atmosphere of tension has been created plus the reader's curiosity is heightenedWhen Keats provides an impressive setting, this individual creates the setting of any Renaissance period through spiritual imagery; " Virgin's picture” (Keats). Abrams defines settings as; " The overall setting of a story or dramatic work is a general locale, historical...

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