Personality Mindset and Title Essay

Character Psychology and Ownership

Ownership could be a very hazardous characteristic to have. It could be very good or it can be bad according to how is actually being portrayed. Too much ownership causes adverse results. Title messes up a person's figure because it the person arrogant, conceited and greedy.

Being conceited means being stuck up and looking down on others. Individuals with money who have no look after others act stuck up. They look down on others because of not having the same expensive garments as they carry out. Also because of not having the same high tech devices as they carry out, usually more potent schools when a student will not have the latest iPhone additional students look down upon that pupil. Drivers look down upon other motorists because all their car is significantly nicer than theirs.

Owning too much makes people greedy, which is not a good personality trait. When folks are greedy they often want even more, and don't know the value of their material things. For example wealthy kids, have no idea of the value of their things. Every they find out is how to say " I want” and it's their own which makes these people become greedy. Those wealthy kids who also later turn into adults will be wealthy conceited and greedy and still have no idea of the value of all their things.

Showing off is a very cruel persona trait. It makes other folks despise both you and look at you in not a jealous method but a sorry method. For example women who moves around and flaunts almost all her diamonds and her Gucci and has no look after others in her method does not produce her appear sexy it makes her look like her personality is garbage.

Too much ownership may not always cause negative results. Title over anything can be a a valuable thing having a thing you conserve of is an excellent thing. That shows you understand the value of what you possess and know very well what it takes to earn what you have. Control shows that you possess it and you care for it