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This article is out of date. Please update this article to reflect the latest events or newly obtainable information. (July 2013) Single-use plastic purchasing bags are often distributed (for free) to customers by simply stores when purchasing goods. It is a well-known method that is practiced around the globe for being a solid, cheap, and hygienic technique of transporting items. Lightweight hand bags are commonly created from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material.[1] Problems connected with plastic carriers include use of nonrenewable methods (such because crude oil, gas and coal),[2] disposal, and environmental influences. A car may drive about 11 metre distances on the volume of petroleum used to make a single plastic-type material bag.[1] In Australia alone six billion HDPE bags were chosen for 2002.[1] Consumption reduced to five. 6 billion dollars in 2005,[2] and 3. 9 billion in 2007.[1] Plastic hand bags can stop drains, snare birds and kill animals. The World Large Fund pertaining to Nature has estimated that over 100, 000 whales, seals, and turtles expire every year[2] as a result of eating or being stuck by plastic bags. The word white air pollution has been gave to describe the local and global effects of thrown away plastic bags upon environmental surroundings. Governments across the world have taken actions to possibly ban someone buy of light-weight bags, impose customers pertaining to lightweight hand bags or make taxes from your stores who sell all of them.[3] Major countries such as South Africa, China, Taiwan and Miscuglio have an overall total ban around the bag.[3] Articles [hide]

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Plastic spend on the mounds of trash in the Philippines.

Plastic hand bags cause a large number of minor and major issues in geographical terms. One of the most general problem with plastic carriers is the sum of squander produced. A large number of plastic bags end up upon streets and are aesthetically displeasing.[1] When discarded properly, they take many years to decompose and break down generating large amounts of garbage more than long periods of time. If perhaps not discarded properly the bags can dirty waterways, block up sewers and have been found in oceans affecting the habitat of animals and marine animals.[1] Lightweight plastic bags are blown into trees and other plants and is mistaken for flowers by animals affecting their diet plan. Regional advancements[edit]

Phase out of light and portable plastic hand bags around the world

A full ban

A partial ban

A tax about some plastic bags

The african continent[edit]


Mauritania banned the employment, manufacture and import of plastic hand bags from January 2013 as a way to protect the planet, livestock, and marine species.[4] Kenya[edit]

Kenya banned the manufacture and import of plastic hand bags from January 2011 so as to protect the planet.[5] Rwanda[edit]

Rwanda prohibited shops from handing out plastic carriers to their consumers in 2004.[6] South Africa[edit]

Plastic bags were a major issue in South Africa prior to ban. Almost all lightweight plastic material bags were banned in 2003 and thicker plastic material bagged happen to be taxed.[7] Tanzania[edit]

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar banned plastic bags in 2005.[8] Tanzania introduced a nationwide ban on plastic-type material bags in 2006.[9] Uganda[edit]

Pile of rubbish including plastic bags in Kampala, Uganda...

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Plastic waste on the mounds of garbage in the Philippines.


A total plastic material bag suspend on super thin plastic-type bags and a fee in plastic hand bags was introduced in China on June 1, 2008


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