Prices and their forming according to the paper specifies

In this section are the prices for the most popular works and services under the standard terms of performance and the typical characteristics. At the same time, the cost of each individual varies depending on the urgency, scope and specific requirements for the customer.

In case you have nonstandard paper, contact our representative for individual valuation of your order. Individual assessment is carried out from 1 hour to 1 day on weekdays.

Our prices are reasonable and meet the high quality and professionalism of the work. Only here, making the order, you get not only quality work but further consultations are free and guarantee successful delivery and praise the teacher. The price of it is printing, and at your request, work is also available electronically.

We take into account the wishes of our customers, so the range of services, which provided us constantly expanding.

We also can offer you some kinds of work in terms of:

  • Standard performance.
  • Urgent - the cost of such work is higher than the standard.
  • Enlisted work is very popular among students. Enlisted orders are made by our most experienced professionals who know all the details and can make a paper in less time and with no loss in quality. Enlisted works are made by the best writers, so the quality of work remains the same as in the standard order of work. The cost of such work is 75% above the standard order and the work you will receive 12 hours (for the abstract) to 10 days (for the thesis).