FAQ to get all information about working with us

1. How to make an order for the implementation of student work?

To do this you need to fill in the order form. We have no registration form, so the data (e-mail, nickname, etc.) need to be entered by the client himself during making an order. In the order form you need to fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk *, the other fields are optional. Once you're done, check if it is completed and click "Submit".

If you click Submit, and then decided not to order the work, do not worry. When we will contact you for further executing a condition, just let us know.

2. How do I know whether my order is executed?

Normally, after discussion with you the work writing conditions and specifies, we inform you that the author started to work, as well as the date when the work will be ready. Then your order is entered into the order database, from which it, after the author will write it and give it to you, proceeds to the archive for storage. Thus, all the orders made by us are documented and available for inspection.

3. What if there were additional information and materials on the work?

If, after your order is accepted, you suddenly have additional advice from a teacher, changed deadlines or add literature, be sure to inform us about it. It is better to do it during the execution of your order, not after. If you specify that you need to make changes not agreed to the adoption of the order of the abstract, they are made at the additional cost. Be careful and operational. Always tell us about the changes and additions in the course of work.

4. What is kind of guarantee that I will get high quality work?

We can give you the assurance that we write the work professionally, taking into account all your requirements and the use of modern literature. However, to ensure that you completely turn in it, will not give one. The fact is that the course or diploma, and in general scientific work of students is fairly subjective thing and depend primarily on your teacher and your attitude towards learning.

Nevertheless, it is better to turn to statistics. From that moment, our company started its activities in the field of implementation of student work, we have not had a single case of that work are not accepted. There have been cases of improvements, often several alterations, and adding entire chapters, writing new empirical research, but so that the work was not totally accepted, did not happen.

To increase the success rate of work is necessary to specify particular requirements for it - a plan, references, availability of practical part, etc. Feel free to ask us questions and to clarify unclear point.

5. What should I do if the work is not praised by the teacher or I don’t like it?

In any case, if the work is not like you or the teacher, we will make changes as long as you do not pass it or protect. It's worth noting, however, that criticism and comments should be constructive. To make changes, you must clearly indicate where, what, why and how to change. Ideally, if you have a comment or a review of your teacher, send it to us immediately. This is much simplifying the work of remaking.

Works accepted for the alteration, regardless of when they were written. So we have "life" warranty. To inform us that the work did not suit you, or a teacher, you need to send a letter on our e-mail, where it is marked 'alteration' and an attached file with your work. In the letter, please indicate all the points that need to be corrected as well as possible. We will immediately proceed to the adjustment of the work.

6. Do you download work from the internet?

We never have done and will not do it. We believe that provided for free download works are not high quality and not commendable. In any case, the essays written free, usually students themselves, respectively, we cannot rely on them even in a sample.

We write only original works. We do not want and will not use ready-made work posted on the web, because appreciate yourself, your face and your trust. And then you see, you can always check whether you have ordered using the Internet. Just type in a search engine of any piece of text from your work, and see the search results.

7. If the work doesn’t satisfy me completely and you do not want to redo it

In this particular case, perhaps the full money will be refunded for the abstract or another student's work.

In order that we returned all the money to you, you need to give us a message with your arguments, which must be in any form to present all claims for execution of essays, thesis. It should result in a clear and compelling reason why we have written work cannot be satisfied or not satisfied with your teacher. If you have a comment or a review of the teacher, they also need to apply to this essay.

We consider your application within 3 days. If there is a positive decision the money will be sent to you on the same day, it is necessary to inform us about your payment information. If we make a decision that the accusations against us are unfounded, then you will be sent a letter explaining why we do not return the money to you. In order to get your refund you should be able to explain as clear as possible what was wrong with the work.